Vi presento Lotti, la nuova amica su cui sto lavorando. Lotti sarà disponibile su Dawanda domenica 24 aprile a partire dalle ore 20:00. Aggiungerò foto e informazioni su di lei nei prossimi giorni.

Lotti è già stata venduta / Lotti has already been sold.

bbIMG_2406I’d like to introduce you Lotti, the new friend I am working on. She will be available on Dawanda starting on Sunday 24th of April at 20:00. More information and pictures in the next days!

bIMG_2199b bIMG_2405 bIMG_2406 bIMG_2407bIMG_2408 bIMG_2410Lotti is 30 cm tall, has a bronze tan, deep blue eyes and brown hair. She is made out of high quality jersey made in Swiss and filled with bio wool. The hair are of mohair wool, chocheted and knotted for stability.

Lotti has some extra weight in her foot, hands and body and have a belly button, knees and bum ^^. The head is needle felted to keep the form for a looooong time.

Lotti wears leggings, panties, a pinafore, a bolero, shoes and a hair band.


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