Elisa – bambola in stile Waldorf

cIMG_2454cIMG_2443 cIMG_2445 cIMG_2447 cIMG_2449 cIMG_2452 cIMG_2453 cIMG_2455Elisa has already been sold

And tadaaaaa! This is Elisa!!

Elisa is ca 35 cm tall, has a tanned skin as she likes to stay and play outside.  She has deep blue eyes and white yarn hair. She is made out of high quality jersey made in Swiss and filled with bio wool. The hair are of wool, chocheted and knotted for stability.

Elisa has some extra weight in her foot and hands and have a belly button, knees and a bum ^^.

Elisa wears leggings, panties, a pinafore, a shawl and sandals. All pieces can be easily dressed out.

Elisa will be available on Monday 9th of May starting at 8 pm.



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