Joanie – bambola Waldorf Steiner

sb1IMG_2481“Drüben im großem Zimmer
wird inzwischen auch geschafft.
Hier entsteht beim Kerzenschimmer
buntes Spielzeug massenhaft”

Text von Lena Hahn. Das Büchlein heißt “Weihnachtsfest im Wichtelland” und ist total niedlich illustriert.

b1IMG_2485 b1IMG_2488 sb1IMG_2491Joanie is already sold out.

Hier you are, my dear Joanie!

Joanie is 35 cm tall and has no extra weight. As usual she is made out of Swiss jersey and certificated wool. Her skin is pale and fine. The hair are made of mohair wool and can be styled! She has a belly button, knees and a bum ^^

She wears bloomers, a pinafore, a wool cardigan and socks.

Joanie will be available starting on Sunday 22nd May 8 pm on Dawanda.










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